“Are there benefits to gaining a strong statistical background”

There are many benefits in the scientific field which encourage  a strong statistical back ground. This is because stong statistics can form useful correlations  between two entities for example  in breast cancer research performed by Heather Feigelson and friend at the department of epidemiology and surveillance research for the American Cancer Society at Atlanta Georgia.  In this study it i revealed that those who are 18 an gain 21-30 pounds  are at a greater risk of postmenopausel breast cancer.  I thIs case a strong statistical background helps differentiate those at greater risk thus developing the field. http://cebp.aacrjournals.org/content/13/2/220.short

However statistical background can also be a major hinderance as it can be misconstrewed or often confusing to the reader as it is not explicit , for instance television commercials use statistics which may not be accurate to sell the product. one example of this is the clinique repair wear laser focus serum. This adverts shows 79% of women like this product but in small print this 79% of 212 women thus greatly lessening the impact of the statistic. If a sales rep came up to you and quoted these stats im pretty sure you wouldn’t buy the product or even look at it twice :/  as i would  personally feel unsure about how well the product worked on my skin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=826eaXPKFxQ

It isn’t necessarily good neither is it bad …. it can be both useful and harm, as it can be useful in research yet can be easily used to illustrate a product, thus increase sales.

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One thought on ““Are there benefits to gaining a strong statistical background”

  1. I agree that statistics can be very misconstrued, such as in your example of the serum. Would you not agree however that although the statistics themselves have perhaps been misrepresented, that having the knowledge about how statistics work and whether they are actually meaningful is beneficial so that we can avoid such false advertising? If the population as a whole were more aware of statistics then perhaps they wouldn’t fall victim to such ridiculous claims. It seems unfair that only people studying the appropriate degree get a better insight into this, and perhaps this is a subject which should be given more thought to in the school curriculum.

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