Do you need statistics to understand data

Statistics and statistics programs such as SPSS merely help to clarify numerical data and highlights the trends in data that may have otherwise been missed . Graphs and charts and visual representations make data  infinitely easier to work with and easier to analyse the outcome fo example for in 1999 members of the University of California’s computer science department ; they found that visual representations whether interactive or other wise wer more “effective” in the data process and helped individuals “interact” better with the data they are presented as visual representations make it easier to understand the statistics which make the data.

That being  it wholly depends on the type of data being analysed whether you need statistics or not. Statistics is more common in more complex  data that generally needs greater analysis in order to understand the main points of said  data .Data that is qualitative may not be as useful in a statistics format as data that is in a quantitative form.  Studies such as the study performed by  individuals in the school of hygiene  and public health in Maryland. It was found that when studying antimalarial chemoprophylaxis during pregnancy in Malawi. They used both qualitative and quantitative techniques.  The combination creates diversity within  the data set.

To you technically do not need statistics in order understand data. Statistics are just an aid in order to help you understand data and may not be relevent in all types of data.

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