How do Politics affect the science psychology.

I believe that politics can have a substantial impact on the science of psychology by causing paradigm shifts and views to be rethought in this field.

 the outside world of politics can a have a substantial view on how psychologist operate and voice their views  for example it wasnt so long ago when individuals especially women with disabilities were badly treated and virtually outcast by members of society but wen view in places like USA psychologists such as Asch investigated  this paradigm shift : the eexclusion felt  by individuals with disabilities were highlighted were highlighted in texts and brought to the attention of not only Asch’s Peers but the non academic world thus showing the wrong doing’s being dealt to individuals.

politics can affect psychology as it mergers the words of psychology, politics and theology together in order to form or shed light on new concepts and debates for  example the hostility and political tyranny induced in NAZI germany caused psychologist to research conformity and the effect it has on individuals leading onto the birth of great and politically renowned research by the likes of Zimbardo and Milgram. without such research may never have understood the impact that authoritarian personalities can have on individuals from a young age thus leaving us vulnerable to easy persuasion.

to conclude politics helps the evolution of psychology and progresses it further with time

till next time



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