Sex- What’s all the fuss about

while i sit watching Sex and the City i sit her wondering what is all the fuss about?? why has sex been thrust into our midst like it’s  a golden chalice that should be looked at and analysed  in its intercity. Why can’t it just be left alone. When did it become okay to trivialize something that should be special and shared between two people who clearly “love ” each other or what ever this century equivalent is of this feeble concept.

What is wrong with the world ; why do people have ruin everything that  is pure and holy in life, why can’t they just be cherish it and don’t get me wrong, I  don’t mean cherish as in obsessing over it until it turns into Bleugh- the word i give to concept that no longer mean anything or matter in the warped society we live in. but cherish as in love i  for what it is an act nothing more nothing less but not make the act sleazy or encompasses a small circle of idealized people who seem  vigilant and acceptable to flaunt their sexual escapades in front  of our eyes like we don’t have enough trouble defining relationships with such strong emotional bonds being made

I wan to ask  you when did it become acceptable to think  that those who  haven’t lost their virginity to  a complete and utter stranger or on a whim for for the sake of having sex  must be something  inherently wrong with them or when some random thug on aside street ask you whether you want to do some  unspeakable sexual act and when  you reply no calling you derogatory terms like you’re in the wrong !! …. seriously what is wrong is people ; they seem to centre their lives  around  their next lay  because it’s not like they have a job or friends or even a life to contend with . What makes a person so driven by their libido that they would act in a certain , I just do not comprehend their motives .

why can’t people leave well alone till their ready . It would make thing less complicated 

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Real Women

Some women religiously self loath and hate the way the look buying into media fads as if there life depended on , other like Samantha Jones and a “friend” often seem out spoken ad are shunned by other girls for there seemingly male approach to life

But i ask you this what kind of warped society do we live in that it is okay for a girl to constantly find fault with herself because of the overbearing images of fake ass society girls who don seem to eat and clearly get laid : a lot . well this out look is wrong why cant girls be more Like Samantha from sex in the city who loves and appreciated what gave her using her “gifts” to acceleration her life.

believe if we all had a little of Samantha Jones in us the world would be a happier better place

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T- Test

T-test are used when you have to test the hypotheses of an unknown population mean, it  is used as a substitute.

a t distribution is computed through using sample variance . this is due to t- test using variance instead of error and the fact that t is used to test the difference between two means  .t distribution are often bell-shaped and   have a definite mean of zero . the shape if the t distribution changes due tho the degrees of freedom: the larger the degrees f freedom the closer to  z the t distribution looks even though  they are known to have more variability, be flatter and more spread out  than z – distributions which hs a more central peak. the flatness of the t is caused by the variability of  the scores in the distribution.

although t-test are exactly as great as they sound – they have their complications to for example testing  variable and finding how useful are they, a study that helps ys e answer this very question  as it shows that t-test help us to see whether the null hypothesis is true  rest and thus has  any given  effect, it also dictates the variability af a sample and the effect of  sample size has on this.  this study plainly highlights the strength of such test in cases where there are a small amount if variables pitted against each othe as : t-test become more complex  as more variables are added to the mix.




CHi squared

 Chi- squared is also know as the goodness of fit, this means that it tests the shape and proportion of the data in relation to the null. the goodness of fit if tested by comparing the observed frequencies with the distribution set in  the null hypothesis.

chi squared in my eyes is the most understandable of all the  statistical tests as there is no need to calculate sample means you just use calculation of individuals in each category . this is a result of the observed frequency ; the number of individuals in each category.

I believe tha chi- squared is one of  the most helpful statistical tests as it is able to test the relationship between to variables thus enabling causality. this is done by evaluating the between the two variables.

David schoenfeild conducted an experiment using this statistical test. these  tests were based both expected and observed frequencies and whether these covariets fall within the hypothetical L. in this study similarly to clinical trails there had the be partitions within the observable data in order to tell significance . here chi squared helped as it tested the individual components of the data in order for a correlation between Cox’s proposed model and the for the proportional hazards regression model .